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TN Abortion Ban

TN Abortion Ban

This morning, TN Governor Bill Lee signed one of the most extreme anti-abortion laws in the country. Among other things, the bill bans abortion in Tennessee as early as six weeks – that’s before many people even know they are pregnant. The bans contain no exceptions for victims of rape or incest.

CHOICES, with the help of our lawyers at the Center for Reproductive Rights, is challenging it in court and we have received a temporary injunction until our case can be heard. This means WE ARE OPEN and able to provide abortion care for now!

Tennesseans do not want politicians controlling our bodies and reproductive choices, especially during a time when they should be working to keep our community safe. CHOICES is fighting this ban to protect our patients’ rights and to ensure that abortion remains accessible, but we need your help! If you’d like to help us fight these unconstitutional bans, please consider making a gift today: