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CHOICES is not going anywhere.

Despite the human rights crisis we are now living through and the best efforts of far-right extremists to ban essential health services like abortion and gender-affirming hormone therapy, we are still here serving all the people who need us. Our full-spectrum, person-centered model of care is the answer.

Despite relentless attacks, CHOICES is still here, still caring for the people who depend on us, and still growing. Why? Because long ago, we saw the truth: The source of these attacks on our collective rights to access health care, to decide when/how/if to grow our families, and to control our own bodies is interconnected and expansive. There is no pathway to victory against these attacks that isn’t equally as connected and expansive. 

Will you join us as we move forward together through this painful moment and towards a future where CHOICES’ vision is realized and we all live in a world where sexual and reproductive healthcare is recognized as an essential human right? 

We need our community standing with us as we navigate this new landscape, and we’re so grateful to know that you’re at our side. These attacks are going to continue coming from different fronts, but we have no doubt that we can make it through together. 

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