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Welcome, CNM Fellows!

Welcome, CNM Fellows!

CHOICES recently launched a one of a kind fellowship program for Black Certified Nurse Midwife graduates. Black midwives have played an essential role in providing birthing and reproductive health services for hundreds of years. In the mid-20th century, they became increasingly excluded from health care spaces due to racism and oppression, and as pregnancy-related care moved into hospitals and OBGYN office settings. CHOICES seeks to do its part by not only increasing the number of Black midwives who are exposed to the full spectrum of sexual and reproductive health services in the South, but to give all pregnant people options to choose which type of care is best for them.


We welcomed our first cohort of Black CNM fellows at the beginning of 2022: Chantal Davis (she/her), B.A. Goodrum (they/them), and Shae Street (she/her). We asked our new fellows to answer some questions about their interest in midwifery and their backgrounds. Read on to find out more about these incredible midwives!


What brought you to midwifery? What about being a midwife is special or exciting for you?


B.A. Goodrum: It’s an honor and privilege to cheerlead people through the thick of it, to listen to their stories, and work in partnership towards individual and community health goals. I was called to it before I even knew what it was.


Shae Street: It is a field that works with families at a vulnerable time, where a huge impact can be made with empowerment and support. I am always excited to see people step into their own and be active participants in their healthcare and life events.


Chantal Davis: As a midwife, it’s exciting to watch pregnant people and their families evolve over time. It’s not only the birth of a baby, but the birth of families, siblings, grandparents, expansion, and a lot of opportunities for families to learn about health and each other.


What’s interesting about you outside of your work?


B.A. Goodrum: I enjoy ultra running and I’m looking forward to exploring Tennessee trails.


Shae Street: I am from Columbia, SC. Random fact: I am in the top 0.5% of Ed Sheeran listeners – I’m a super fan!


Chantal Davis: I’m from Los Angeles, California and have been living the last 10 years in the Bay Area. I like exploring new places, dancing (not professionally), gardening, cooking, eating, and watching TV. My favorite food is mac and cheese, ox tails, anything Jamaican, and anything Mexican (especially nopales). 


How is CHOICES unique?


B.A. Goodrum: I know of no other agency in the continental United States devoted to birth services in all three settings, family planning (including medical and surgical abortions), and gender-affirming hormone therapy. CHOICES is enthusiastically pro-abortion, pro-birth, and pro-bodily autonomy. 


Shae Street: Aside from the full-spectrum model of care, CHOICES is unique because there are Black midwives who understand the importance of working with other Black midwives.


Chantal Davis: There is no other place in the country like CHOICES. I came all the way from California – a place you would assume would have a model like this, but does not. 


How do you create rapport with your birthing patients and their families?


B.A. Goodrum: Listening to birthing patients and learning what is valuable, concerning, or otherwise important to them so I can align our goals of care. 


Shae Street:  When meeting people I am 100% relatable. I love finding the things we have in common to break the ice.


Chantal Davis: I get all in their business…in a polite and respectful way! But I really want to understand the experiences of the people I take care of because then I can provide relevant teaching, care, and give recommendations that are feasible and accessible.


Learn more about our fellowship program here.